Services List

from the time you are born, to the time you need support while you are ageing....

313s offers you all

  • →Consultancy and Market Research
  • →Company Setup
  • →Company Identity
  • →Web Development Solution
  • →Marketing and Campaigning
  • →Software Development Solutions
  • →Software as a Service
  • →Maintenance and Support Services

Services Overview

Web Development

From illustration of your website, to designing and development of web pages, to hosting, testing and optimising the website for search engines, then marketing it. When we say web development it means every web service included.

Software Development & SaaS

Putting it in industry words we offer CMS, CRM, ERP and other types of softwares... but for as a B2B company we would like you to know that we offer a software solution to any problem in your company, Be it as a Product or a Service.

Company Branding, Marketing & Campaigning

The most cruicial part of a business is branding it and setting an impression, an image in the market which in many cases happens even before services and support are offered. This is how effective the marketing strategy and campaigning should be. We belieive in giving identity to the brands.

Featured Service

Maintainance and Support. Many at times, when you outsource a particular project or a service required by your company, things are left incomplete and you unsatisfied.

At 313s we do not work for you, but work with you, we offer you maintainance and support services to take complete care of your day to day requirements and let you focus more on your business and customers...

Unique Services

Corporate Kit

All good things come in small packages, It is well said, and we have created several small packages for you. The Corporate Kit is a scalable service which combines all our services. Just Buzz us and you will know how it is useful to you..

Trade Secret, So We really do not disclose a lot here.